USD damocles

This is the first ever usd skate from back in 1998

Notice that it is the same shell and cuff as the Razors cult series.


DenZense CO says (09 Nov 2008)

i remeber those!! cool pic can the frame be removed??
Thisissoul NL says (09 Nov 2008)

not that I know. You can make them ufs by putting a cult soulplate on them.
Justin US says (10 Nov 2008)

amazing find i didnt even know these existed
SKATE 2 CREATE 00 says (10 Nov 2008)

upside down or universal skate design?
Thisissoul NL says (10 Nov 2008)

The name used to be Upside Down, within the year they changed it to USD and Universal skate design.
ninja9 AU says (12 Nov 2008)

same shell because thats the basic mould for some factories I think
blazinrokz 00 says (13 Nov 2008)

haha I remember these too!
Vince F
Vince F 00 says (14 Nov 2008)

Never knew that they are the same mold as Cults. Would be nice custom with NIHM parts. A friend of mine used to own those. They skated really crap thanks to the shitty soulplates and frames. Weren't they released at the same time as the first thrones (the ones with the narrow lacing sytem)?
Thisissoul NL says (15 Nov 2008)

they were released before the throne.
illthrilla 00 says (19 Apr 2009)

maybe the first universal skate design, but up side down had skates out before those, i think they were called daisys or something and im almost positive they were th same mold as the VII's. they were purple though, i rember when Team Paradise first got them. who rembers that joint?
Thisissoul NL says (19 Apr 2009)

hahaha is that a joke? i am really not sure if this is some kind of irony. Anyway, you posted a lot of wrong information there illthrilla. usd started out as UpSide Down and designed a skate called the 7th sign, this never came in to production. The throne and damocles released in the same year where the first skates. Later that year the name changing began. The daisys came in blue, black and grey and are the forefather of the Remz skates. They most sertenly are not the same mold as the VII
rock 00 says (20 Apr 2009)

daisys... out (brand)? and there was also the out poppy ? and yes i remember ... this was when i started to rollerblade ... my first skate was the roces lowrider (baaaad frame) i rode them for 2 weeks then i get the blue classic thrones ... the very first thrones ... the throne was the best skate in 1998. it helps me alot to learn fast. the blue throne was also released under the name upsidedown ;) in 1999 i think it was USD - universal skate design

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Uploaded by: Thisissoul

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Damocles

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Uploaded: 09 Nov 2008
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