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08 basic
27 May 2010 comment on 08 basic

and it looks good ! ;)
08 Basics
10 Apr 2010 comment on 08 Basics

[quote=abritto3]so much more convenient than having to completely undo the straps. [/quote] this is what i did ...
08 Basics
09 Apr 2010 comment on 08 Basics

i know, what you mean ... and this is a great idea !
USD damocles
20 Apr 2009 comment on USD damocles

daisys... out (brand)? and there was also the out poppy ? and yes i remember ... this was when i started to rollerblade ... my first skate was the roces lowrider (baaaad frame) i rode them for 2 weeks then i get the blue classic thrones ... the very first thrones ... the throne was the best skate in 1998. it helps me alot to learn fast. the blue throne was also released under the name upsidedown ;) in 1999 i think it was USD - universal skate design
Chris Farmer
19 Apr 2009 comment on Chris Farmer

i give you not a "sexy" - but a "very nice" just because green isnt my color ... but its a well done setup not too much colors or extras ... nice and clean yes ...

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