USD Carlos Pianowski Legacy

Oli Benet's Carlos Legacy with a cut down toe and trimmed Psirus Soulplates, cut to shape and screwed in from the inside. Adil Farhouni Chimera wheels. -


stubbsy 00 says (11 Jun 2008)

wow that's nice. i was hoping this would belong to the person who posted it, so i could ask them how they skate as i'm thinking of getting the venom 08 and this is pretty much the same. lushhhh. 00 says (12 Jun 2008)

They are mine actually! I wanted a pair of those Venom 08 so bad but they sold out at the warehouse. I know the Legacy isnt the most popular skate out there but I totally love them. Im a Deshi skater, but if i skated any other skate it would be the legacy for sure. So fast sliding, long lasting, supportive and incredible for torque slides and that. If i had any complaint i would say the soulplates are too thick, but as you can see in the pic i messed about with them quite a bit, it didnt make that much diference but it was fun, haha. Nah, but i love them skates.
stubbsy 00 says (13 Jun 2008)

woaah, so they're oli benets legacys, but they're yours? that means you're oli benet! madness! that's cool to get a good opinion about them, all i ever hear about them is 'oh they feel like bricks and they're so god damn heavy', yet they're half a kilo lighter than the mrez 0802. i love the way the venom 08 looks, fresh as f**k right now it's a toss up between venom 08s from gindhouse (200 £160 odd for me with postage) or remz 0801. just gotta have a heel strap!
stubbsy 00 says (13 Jun 2008)

hmm i like the look of the pianowski VII, i just saw your video on youtube where you do 'seven simple tricks on the pianowski seven'. what do you think of them? i love v cut, so maybe they're more suited to me.

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Legacy

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Uploaded: 11 Jun 2008
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