Champion Pro Psirus

This Is My Last Pair Of Skates Left. My Dad Was Cleaning Out His Garage And Threw Away All My Old Skates Without Giving Me A Call To See If It Was Okay. These Were At My Place.

All Stock But The Cuffs Were Custom V-Cut And I Made These Sole Plates. The Rear Plate Is Like Twice As Wide. I Still Haven't Rode Them Yet. The Plates Look Real Clean Though, I'm Happy With How They Look, Just Hope They Ride Fine. These Are My Only Skates To Roll On 'Til I Get My 801's. Soon Hopefully. peace - Kizer (stock)


mobtown 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

what size? I'll give you $20 for'm
illthrilla 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

size 9 but i need them til i get my new boots. after that, theyre yours
delnotpre 00 says (28 Mar 2008)

I give you awesomeness. Sweet oldies.
illthrilla 00 says (29 Mar 2008)

tried them out today and they slide great. ses slides are butter too
ninja9 AU says (29 Mar 2008)

oh damn I remember these. I remember they looked so good. wtf sole plates are they? home made?
illthrilla 00 says (29 Mar 2008)

yeah i made em on my day off. they actually slide way better now
moppel DE says (30 Mar 2008)

omg, i always loved 'em.
Astibo 00 says (31 Mar 2008)

can you please tell me how you made those sole plates. i also got a psirus and need some new sole plates. nice skate!
illthrilla 00 says (31 Mar 2008) make a profile get this thing going
ninja9 AU says (01 Apr 2008)

I had a look at that site, you gotta stop mentioning skateboarding so much, who gives a fuck about skayeboarding. ''a site dedicated to all who love rolling and loath the skateboarders who tried to destroy us''.''who knows maybe one day we will be bigger than skateboarding''. Skateboardings got nothing to do w/ Rolling
ninja9 AU says (01 Apr 2008)

and dont call it fruitbooting, a term that boarders came up with, cos fruit means gay, and Rolling is anything but. even if you are using it how black people call each other 'nigga', we gotta get rid of that shit. So I'm not going to sign up to a site where you talk about skateboarding and call each other fags
ninja9 AU says (01 Apr 2008)

I appreciate that its a site for Rolling, and I dont mean to offend. Just giving my opinion
illthrilla 00 says (12 Apr 2008)

fuck it. no one cares i guess. thats why the "new generation" rollerblader let the sport die. back in the day we wouldnt let that happen. it was huge then. we passed the torch and look what happened. i guess you can all go buy skateboards. fuck underground. fuck this.
blade4lyfe 00 says (13 Apr 2008)

love sk8bording its gay bunch of wood pushers i hate peeps that rblade and do another sport as well no point
illthrilla 00 says (13 Apr 2008)

yeah it is gay. i hate skateboarders. i wish the "monetary bottom" would drop out on their whole industry and then they can all go fuck themselves. am i the only person who saw "barely dead"? why do rollers stick up for skateboarders? that shit has got to go.
illthrilla 00 says (16 Apr 2008)

why edit all the posts so fuck is love?
DenZense CO says (22 Jun 2008)

cool soulplates, i bet they are great for cesslides!

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Uploaded by: illthrilla

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Psirus

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Uploaded: 28 Mar 2008
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