VALO tv.2

My new skates!

Valo tv.2's, size 44EU/10.5US.

Groundcontrol Featherlite II Aragon frames, Eulogy Austin Paz wheels (57mm/89a), Crap bearings and white soulplates. -


stubbsy 00 says (20 Sep 2008)

killer setup bro. one of the best boots out there with one of the best frames and wheels out there. awesome.
Vince F
Vince F 00 says (21 Sep 2008)

Hi Nover, This is the first skate I bought in 8 years (last ones were '99 thrones). I quit rollerblading about 6 or 7 years ago and recently decided to start again (just for fun). So don't consider this an expert opinion. Today I skated them for the first time. I only did some basic tricks, just to get my feeling with rollerblading back. I'm very pleased with the way the fit. They are perfect for my feet. The liner is very comfortable. I can't say I have a lot experience with new liners like Jugs, Sifika etc. so I can't compare them. I only tried jugs once on my friends Remz OS. So if you don't have very wide feet get them true to your shoe size or maybe 0.5 size up. The bottom of the skate is kind of hard, there is no shock absorber. I had no problem with it but I can imagine it's not ideal when jumping big gaps. The soulplate is very big and it's pretty hard to miss a soul grind (i still did sometimes :)). It also fast, but that's usually the case with new skates I don't know how they'll hold up.
stubbsy 00 says (21 Sep 2008)

oh yeah, a piece of advice - flip your frames around so you're not grinding on the sickle end of the bolt. those things are a biatch to get hold of and the other side is just a regular 8 mil screw so you'll be able to get a new standard 8 mil screw when they grind down instead of having to arse around looking for the stupid damn sickles. basically, you want to sickle shape to be pointing inwards (towards the other skate)
abritto3 00 says (07 Dec 2008)

very very nice sir
LETUROKING 00 says (18 Nov 2009)

they look soooooo good!

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Uploaded by: Vince F

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Category: Skates
Brand: Valo
Model: Classic Valo

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