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Rob Minton39s or Vinny Thompson39s
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My Skate collectionfor sale
15 Sep 2008 comment on My Skate collectionfor sale

how much for the dual plates and m1's?
Rob Minton39s or Vinny Thompson39s
12 Aug 2008 comment on Rob Minton39s or Vinny Thompson39s

The Sikika's are size 10.5 and the salo's are 10.
Rob Minton39s or Vinny Thompson39s
11 Aug 2008 comment on Rob Minton39s or Vinny Thompson39s

Im putting some able freestyle frames and 4x4 lennens on next week and hopefully in two weeks some moonshine souls. Its a work in progress.
OStwo for sale
11 Aug 2008 comment on OStwo for sale

correct white.night is. Sicwitit, i emailed you but u never replied. tough titty. and when i think of it. it would of cost a pretty penny to ship these to canada. i shipped some kizer elements to CA and it cost about $23. you could get these new in the box for a few dollars more.
Rollerblade NEW boot
05 Aug 2008 comment on Rollerblade NEW boot

<br>the - on these are about the same size as the +<br><img src="" border="0"><br>see<br>they look sick from this angle<br>and i think RB is going in the right direction, more concerned about how it skates compared to looks.<br>when these come out i bet they will sell like hot cakes.<br><br>

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