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Country: DE Norway
State: Oslo
City: Bryn


Member Since: 28 Jun 2008
Last Seen: 11 Feb 2014
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Graal on the beach
Rollerblade NEW boot
2004 TRS Broscow
TRS Point 8
TRS Treseder vert
03 TRS Estilo


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Thisissoul Custom blue Roces ATH
25 Aug 2009 comment on Thisissoul Custom blue Roces ATH

Nice work! I have always liked blue skates :D
Thisissoul Custom 1988 Rollerblade
19 Aug 2009 comment on Thisissoul Custom 1988 Rollerblade

You don´at know who you´r dealing with Mister. Give up NOW!
Thisissoul Custom 1988 Rollerblade
18 Aug 2009 comment on Thisissoul Custom 1988 Rollerblade

This is NOt a 1988 skate Its a 1990 TRS Lightning! Why do I know? Cuz Im 37 Y O and was skating when this skate came out and I own a pair!
Deshi Carbon Custom
11 May 2009 comment on Deshi Carbon Custom

Thats the first Mindgame Dustin Latimer wheels you´ve got there
10 Nov 2008 comment on NAKED SOLO

I winn cuz I have THE GOODS. they'r talking bshit about something they couldnt own or skate eaven if they wanted too:D

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