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23 Aug 2008 comment on ST90-2

Those look great! Salomons were the only hard boot skate I ever actually liked........LOL.
23 Aug 2008 comment on CH1 GREY

Damn Truey I am jealous those things are the shit! So tell me how they feel on your feet?????????Do they feel like good shoes......sorta like K2 Fatties?????
Remz OS1
08 Jul 2008 comment on Remz OS1

Looks like I have a jelous hater.............dont be sad 606streetsoldier that my frames are much better than yours. If you save up all of your lawn mowing money maybe your mommy will let you buy some.
Remz OS1
06 Jul 2008 comment on Remz OS1

I always forget to mention this but when I first got these skates they dug into my ankles so I pushed the cuff forward and drew a line onto the boot and then used a dremel tool to cut that small amout off so the boot and the cuff are at the same level and now they are so comfy its ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!
White Realms
03 Jul 2008 comment on White Realms

Thanks Razor.Skater for saying what needs to be said.......x-large you are a egocentric superfluous prick, keep your bullshit to yourself!

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