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t v 2 upgraded
04 Oct 2011 comment on t v 2 upgraded

same here! with original valo liners it feels too low and much too flexible. thats why i love them with trusts. perfect flex and support combination. maybe steping a shell size down would help. size 42 nimhs with worn valo liners felt ok for me. :)
t v 2 upgraded
03 Oct 2011 comment on t v 2 upgraded

About trusts-i had them when i was riding OS remz(43-45 shell).Liners were size 43(size 10 to you). i was surprised HOW big they came. Had really to brake them in. By that time i swiched to valo(size 43). bit tight at first, but now super comfy. Sizing i guess is true to size.

Thanks for being that helpfull, it will be cheaper for me to wait, thats cool. :)
t v 2 upgraded
02 Oct 2011 comment on t v 2 upgraded

at this moment im rollin in trusts. almost 2nd year, sides ripped apart, but no presure etc. maybe i'll give a try to new usd liners. too bad also that in europe new souls will arrive at end of month. :(
t v 2 upgraded
01 Oct 2011 comment on t v 2 upgraded

so nice! reminds me of cool snakes.
cant wait to get my new souls too! :)
Valo Lights
04 Aug 2011 comment on Valo Lights

really love my valos with truth liners. which size shell and liner? how do they feel? in classic shells i had to really brake in liner before put it in valos.

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