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Haffey 2
Xsjado cuff hybrid
Farmer 3 with teale color
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Farmer 3 with teale color
23 Apr 2010 comment on Farmer 3 with teale color

[quote=mosh]how to dye the plastic cuff??? help me please!! i need dye my cuff [/quote] Just get a pack of Rit dye, mix with hot water (close to boiling), put your cuff in the hot water (not boiling, but near boiling) and leave it there until it's the right color for you.
Xsjado Gorilla Feets
11 Sep 2009 comment on Xsjado Gorilla Feets

amazing. Please PLEASE skate it and tell us how it is!
Farmer 3 with teale color
10 Jun 2009 comment on Farmer 3 with teale color

Thanks guys. To justin : I used half a pack of Rit dye (Teal)
Farmer 09
14 May 2009 comment on Farmer 09

spray painted? do u mean the black part? It's just wax.
11 May 2009 comment on CH1

nono. I was bored and didnt know what to do with my deshi and I was thinking what I could do with it...

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