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24 Aug 2009 comment on v1

nimhs come from the factory toecut already, do those liners fit the shell? i used to have some, cant imagine they would fit well. too skinny round the toes.
Razors G5
20 Jan 2008 comment on Razors G5

sick picture :)
G5 Razors
18 Jan 2008 comment on G5 Razors

G5's are the biz, im rocking them with the black cuffs as well, but night full souls and featherlights as well :)
Custom USD colberg skates
15 Jan 2008 comment on Custom USD colberg skates

nice, what size shells are they?
Remz 04 Limited Edition
13 Dec 2007 comment on Remz 04 Limited Edition

i likes, i used an identical (apart from colours) setup for a few years, and just gone back to them with gc featherlights. AMAZING setup for tech skating. and yep, skates should be a bit battered and ripped, shows theyve actually been used rather than sat in the corner of a room for weeks on end :) ps does anyone know whether the new 1 piece souls are worth getting? do they make the base of the skate more stable?

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