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Medium wheels RARE brand new
Salomon FSK UFS Powerblade frames
Salomon ST90 used ONCE
Razors size US13 liners
Salomon FSK UFS Powerblade boots
Salomon FSK UFS Powerblade boots
Salomon FSK UFS Powerblade skates


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Kelso Skate
06 Apr 2010 comment on Kelso Skate

Looks interresting, but I would put a different colour frame. Try with a purple frame, it would looks frsh!
Damien Wilson Promodel
01 Apr 2010 comment on Damien Wilson Promodel

Where did you got the black frames? I only see charcoal everywhere. Also, can you please take pic with the wheels rockered up? Thanks!
Valo TV1
01 Apr 2010 comment on Valo TV1

The Eisler can turn into shit really fast. The 09 line of Undercover are known to be really good at first but then turn into shit, while the 10 ones are known to be really good and durable.
Neon Xsjado
01 Apr 2010 comment on Neon Xsjado

Pretty cool, but it seems you have painted/sprayed instead of dyed the cuff.
USD Sagona
27 Mar 2010 comment on USD Sagona

Cool! What wheels are these?

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