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19 Feb 2010 comment on Lowmax

those r 2 dope. ive wanted a pair of lomax's since they came out but i cant find any.
Razors g4s
11 Feb 2010 comment on Razors g4s

ya'll dont know anything about able frames. ive been riding able gen 1s and 2s since theyve been out. u say the groove is too small? tell that to the boys in vg1 who could skate better then than most pros who r out today... to me, there are 3 levels of frames, beginner, intermediate and pro.... xsjados and any other freestyle frame is beginner, everything out rite now is intermediate and able and older ufs frames are pro. i skate flat with able 1s and still kill shit. and so did aragon and franky if u dont remember. trust me, it separates the men from the boys. i would bet my life that who ever said that ables were poorly desigend with a not big enough groove couldnt skate flat to save his life.
Carbon Red
02 Feb 2010 comment on Carbon Red

those are dope
white carbon
21 Jan 2010 comment on white carbon

white block is too cliche but it could work with evrything els being red
white carbon
21 Jan 2010 comment on white carbon

Red soul plates

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