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Oli Short pro model
19 Aug 2009 comment on Oli Short pro model

i agree with stubbsy about tall liners, i usually hate them, but these liners are so confortable, switched my sifika 310's out of my cult 4's and put these in, they are like pillows... but it might just be me, i mean i also skated my cult 4's without buckles
Thisissoul custom USD - Classic Throne
18 Aug 2009 comment on Thisissoul custom USD - Classic Throne

ahh i love the jon julio boot! i was going to get it when it just came out, but i got salmons instead >.< sick skate man
razor icons
15 Aug 2009 comment on razor icons

sick skates, check out the able arias pro frames, not sure if its the same shade of orange, but i think they would look so sick on those skates. either way, loving the colors
Josh Petty Psirus
04 Aug 2009 comment on Josh Petty Psirus

woah, thats really weird, i was lookin on this site and i seen these frames for sale..<BR><BR><A href="http://www.skatestop.com">www.skatestop.com</A> if you want them, if theyre still in stock.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>
Point 8 update
04 Aug 2009 comment on Point 8 update

i like it. very nice. im tryin to imagine that with white cuff and blue velcro strap. (only the top, keep sides white) love the green, finally something that matches the able treseder =p

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