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Member Since: 01 Jun 2007
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Remz 0901
Remz 0901
Haffey 04 limited - Custom
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Remz 0901
07 Mar 2010 comment on Remz 0901

sick dude! smooth and fast all the way down greetings from Chile
Senate CORRUPTOR Skates
23 Mar 2009 comment on Senate CORRUPTOR Skates

obviously is not a pro skate, but in my humble opinion, our industri needs to capture more and more adepts... so I think for someone who wants to start practicing rollerblading, this is a good alternative for a first skate, specially kids... and senate is a potencial good stuff maker for sure... so if they have a good experience with this product, they should start making badass skates! greetings
trs custom
25 Feb 2009 comment on trs custom

I mean the skins... obviously it´s a customised skate... and there is no need to be such an asshole PS: where did you buy those skins????
trs custom
19 Feb 2009 comment on trs custom

OMG!!! where did you buy those????????? I really need to know xD SICK!!! greetings
Haffey 04 LE
14 Jan 2009 comment on Haffey 04 LE

I´m from Chile, I´m thinking buying your skates... lets say a 120 mark... how can you send me those??? UPS??

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