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Country: DE United States
State: Alabama
City: Lat kheyl


Member Since: 20 Sep 2011
Last Seen: 11 Oct 2013
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t v 2 upgraded

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t v 2 upgraded
04 Oct 2011 comment on t v 2 upgraded

welcome man......my blank liners where working fine and after a long sesh my right foot started tingling. like slightly numb. so maybe they do ned lil break they have soules like a shoe so im wearing them out of the shell everywhere.....lol do you fel that the valo cuff is too low. i tried on the valo liner witch is fairly good condition and the skate felt to flexy ...
t v 2 upgraded
02 Oct 2011 comment on t v 2 upgraded

how are trust liners when new? do they run true to shoe size? and are the comfy when new? Sucks you have to wait for the souls.figured you would get them over there sooner. arnt they made in italy? you didnt want to wait you can paypal me and i order for you , you pay shipping. just a thought. i paid 49$ u.s
t v 2 upgraded
02 Oct 2011 comment on t v 2 upgraded

o and if you dont have after market liners in you valos get rb blanks so comfy out the box no need to break in
t v 2 upgraded
02 Oct 2011 comment on t v 2 upgraded

thanks bro...your gona love the new souls they slide so f n fast makes old ones feel so cheap....yeah always loved the cool snakes but disc,agressivemall.com has the souls best price ive found....
Wontons customs
22 Sep 2011 comment on Wontons customs

why do people say that aftermarket frames dont fit these they align nice

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