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carbon skate
15 Jul 2009 comment on carbon skate

looks ok, but what i can`t understand: why do you not skate the new deshi soulplates? it looks 10 times better, locks 10 times better and is even faster than the usds oldschool plates! believe me, i skate them on my carbons.
White Deshi Carbons
11 Jun 2009 comment on White Deshi Carbons

the deshi carbon is the best skate i`ve ever skated in the last 14 years!!! i love them so much. it`s unbelieveable, how heavy all the other skates in the industry are. last time i tried on some valos and some razors and i couldn`t skate fast and jump high. it felt like somebody took some handle onto my feed. i´ll hope all the other brands in the industry will go the same direction like deshi did with these skates! more evolution of the industry!!!
Deshi Carbon
03 Apr 2009 comment on Deshi Carbon

i used an angle grinder for the frame. is like the design of the element frame and i like big grooves, so i take my kizer lomax fluid frames and cut them at angle and groove the way i like it. i think it looks great and another bonus is, that the frame is much lighter now like a featherlite or slimline frame. the middle bolts are simply filled with white tape, so it looks better to my mind. the size of the boot is us10/euro43/uk9 and the size of the frame is s, so you can imagine how small it looks in reallity this skate is the best skate since years. i`ve skated razors, usd, xsjadows, valos, remz, and ch1 deshis but this boot is a real revolution!awesome!!!
Deshi Harmanus BlackWhite
16 Jul 2008 comment on Deshi Harmanus BlackWhite

@ Bazza: flex means, that i used an angle grinder to change the shape of the frame groove. now it is big like a featherlite groove. @3M3M: i took white sticky tape and put it into the holes, cause i dont use grindwheel. so the frame is liter and looks like a hole white frame. greetings marco
Deshi Ch 1
21 May 2007 comment on Deshi Ch 1

i think its 9-10 !

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