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Country: DE United States
State: Colorado
City: Lafayette


Member Since: 16 Sep 2013
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Razors SL A6
10 Jan 2016 comment on Razors SL A6

Like the fat boys way to bring back those old school hyper's!
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10 Jan 2016 comment on USD LEDOUx 3z

Also am willing to also trade them for your blades maybe? I'm looking for some new or used usd frankly morales 3's or Montre livingston carbon frees trade wise! Maybe could trade for some good looking valo's ??????? These are a size 10.5 and would trade for the same size but might be able to wear some size 10's maybe??????
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10 Jan 2016 comment on USD LEDOUx 3z

Also I can change up the cuffs either straps or buckles and different colors of cuffs and soul plates as well!
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10 Jan 2016 comment on USD LEDOUx 3z

I can put almost any type of frame on these and a decent collection of wheels also. All wheels are in used condition but some frames have only been tested for a day of two or brand new but have some scratches from also testing them out just rolling around on my porch! So let me know what you'd like and I can fix them up and send you a pic before sending them to you! And I think $250 is a good price for these limited USD's and I can possibly do less? So just ask me! Thanks!
Eisler USD black customs
19 Feb 2015 comment on Eisler USD black customs

I have 1 piece Xsjado soul's on these puppies. Which require minor customizing but have always used Xsjado soul plates on all of my blades since I had Deshi's a while ago.

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