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Member Since: 25 Jul 2007
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Razor Cult 5
Razor Deep Scarlet M3


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deshi kicks 2
06 Aug 2007 comment on deshi kicks 2

are the deshis soft boots with liners or a shell with liners
Razor Cult 5
31 Jul 2007 comment on Razor Cult 5

[quote=jamo]Razor Cult 5 lmao there not them they are rollerblade alex borsko cant spell [/quote] these r 2 razors they jus have a broskow skin hint look at the discription
Razor Cult 5
30 Jul 2007 comment on Razor Cult 5

[quote=slickrick]no need to get rude piece of shit leave him alone[/quote] thanx for not bein a homo:D:D:D
Razor Cult 5
30 Jul 2007 comment on Razor Cult 5

[quote=piece of shit]your skates llook like shit you fucking loser. and ugly like your mom's face when she has to suck your dad pus infested dick.[/quote] Ur trippin son my sk8s r sic and wat tha fuck did i say to make u piss everywhere:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::eyebrow::mad::mad::mad::eek::eek::eek::mad::mad::mad::nod::nod::nod::cool::cool:
Razor Deep Scarlet M3
30 Jul 2007 comment on Razor Deep Scarlet M3

all razors skate nice because they r almost all the same i think that is kinda disapointing good skates though and the gc frames r lik the best rated frames out

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