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Country: DE United States
State: California
City: Monterey


Member Since: 05 Oct 2014
Last Seen: 25 Jun 2016
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HR1.3 Magus Cyberia plus
V13 MamushiSon plus
V13 MamushiSon
OS4 ChaosPhantom
Magus and Phantom
HR1.3 Rocketboots
Blitz Phantom park setup


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G10 Custom
26 Aug 2015 comment on G10 Custom

Classy; I love how a new Type M-II hblock looks.
USD carbon 3s SL soles and 64mm wheels.
17 May 2015 comment on USD carbon 3s SL soles and 64mm wheels.

Good call on the frame upgrade. Definitely increases their versatility as the FL2 easily warp from going hard, and if you're stuck with plastic spacers plus frame warping you're not gonna have a good time lol
USD carbon 3s SL soles and 64mm wheels.
16 May 2015 comment on USD carbon 3s SL soles and 64mm wheels.

Sick. You don't usually see Razors souls on other skates. Definitely looks fresh and I bet it skates like a beast.
RecYcle 008
10 May 2015 comment on RecYcle 008

Sick. I love your customs. What are you using as the shell, out of curiosity?
las Xsjalas
27 Mar 2015 comment on las Xsjalas

Nice one!<br />Me gusta el roces cuff y 1.0 soul en estes - 2.0 soul es major en un boot otro de xsjados porque los 2.0 toestraps son weaksauce pero es incentivo a SKATE BETTER!

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