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remz 0702 summer Blue
14 Jun 2008 comment on remz 0702 summer Blue

pretty cool skate but summer version ??? blue is a cold colour and the summer is warm or hot. Just take some colours which support that feeling of summer. But good work and at next time for a summer version try it with bordeaux red. peace out
Majestic12 UFS
19 Feb 2008 comment on Majestic12 UFS

digga sach mal wasn mit deinen legendären roten majestics ^^??? leben die noch ^^
16 Dec 2007 comment on Majestic12

joa jan isn wirklich schöner skate und ich hab ihn auch schon live fliegen gesehen *g*
Realm Black
30 Nov 2007 comment on Realm Black

cause i use one liner for 2 skates ^^ i switch it everytime if i need it.
Evo II 07
26 Nov 2007 comment on Evo II 07

'cause the wheels. I had only 4 60mm Wheels and thats the reason why i have this setup and not one with 4 same wheeln on a skate. ^^ and theire is one think what I dont know. Kizer said slot 1 and 4 max 60mm wheels but i can skate with a max from 72mm und i must proof it on slot 2 and 3 with 60mm wheels work to. kizer write the i can drive only with 58mm whells in the middle -.- .

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