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07 Oct 2008 comment on Collection

what size valo and k2? ive been wondering what size i would need for fattys.
trooper39s in the making
04 Sep 2008 comment on trooper39s in the making

to be honest, i think it would be better to get some m12 or valo soulplates. they seem like they would be a better fit for that boot.
Purple Digi Camo
03 Sep 2008 comment on Purple Digi Camo

yes, size 10 no toecut w/ 9 vent liners (perfect fit).
Purple Digi Camo
29 Aug 2008 comment on Purple Digi Camo

i was a lil upset at first, but the purple has grown on me for sure. im thinking of pairing these up with some grey sagona fluid 3's. either that, or i need to find some black inserts and get another pair of orange frames for PHX suns skates...hehehe.
tv.1 white
29 Aug 2008 comment on tv.1 white

sorry to say, but you should have kept these bad boys white for a lil while longer.

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