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G6 hedon custom
27 Jun 2008 comment on G6 hedon custom

[quote=stubbsy]i'm just wondering why you've got a V cut liner and a straight cuff. if you want v cut, cut the cuff as well. or you could do what i've done, get a jug vent and the v cut the cuff. [/quote] doesn't bother me actually. jug vents are great and i've had v-cut cuffs on my kelso thrones but it didn't really do anything for me. so i guess i'll just leave em that way.
G6 hedon custom
03 Jun 2008 comment on G6 hedon custom

yes indeed the frames are a size too small, unfortunately. The skates are size 13/47 and the frames are M. I just got a GC razors stock frame and it's all white, so that should look better. <br>eXhaust your orange wheels almost melted yesterday. I think the bearings got loose or something <img src="templates/multilingual/images/smilies/wink.gif" alt="Winken" border="0"> time to rock the chimeras!!!<br>
G6 hedon custom
02 Jun 2008 comment on G6 hedon custom

thanks dude i took the pics with my phone (sony ericsson with 5 mpx cam) and of course it's not good enough, but i have no other cam atm. i'm planning on getting shima ftl's or white 5050 cores sometime this year. but for now my old duals will do.
Fila - Smoothy
15 Apr 2008 comment on Fila - Smoothy

heuj die heb ik ook nog liggen ! nu weet ik wat ik ermee ga doen ;)
Remz 0802 Brand NEW
02 Apr 2008 comment on Remz 0802 Brand NEW

strait up gangsta!

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