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Aragon 3s
28 Feb 2010 comment on Aragon 3s

You have a real talent for making ugly setups James.
Chris Farmer 3  Damian Wilson
26 Mar 2009 comment on Chris Farmer 3 Damian Wilson

Leave them as they are, if anything spray the bolts on the frames black. Also those don't look like the Damien Wilson footwraps, are they some other type of shoes?
af 04 sefika liner
15 Mar 2009 comment on af 04 sefika liner

[quote=Thisissoul]Great liner. The thing I never understand about it is the "04" on the back since it is his third usd pro skate and was released in 2006. It was his fourth pro skate overal though.[/quote] He had 04 in the rubber patch on the cuffs of his 2nd USD pro model. Maybe it means something to him. The SL415's are amazing liners, i still have mine from my Allstar 07's.
16 Oct 2008 comment on harmanus

[quote=Justin] i thought they came out around the same time? they had the exact same shell (black shell, silver eyelets) some different parts but similar thing.[/quote] nope the Benny's were released around 2002 i think possibly earlier. also when the S7's were released Benny had already been on Deshi for years.
08 Oct 2008 comment on harmanus

[quote=Justin]i had practically the exact same setup. just a shima 7 [b]which is the US version of the Benny.[/b] i had black frames and the stock cuff tho[/quote] Shima 7's were definitely not the US version of Benny's. They were just another black Genesys skate. Stock Benny's are one the sickest looking stock skates ever.

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