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k2 style points bob
14 Apr 2008 comment on k2 style points bob

That ought to sell some K2's. How do they ride with the 2 pieces?
roces ufs m12 colored souls
14 Apr 2008 comment on roces ufs m12 colored souls

[quote=xlarge]this sucks. i have a pair of non-ufs majetic 12s and i'm looking for the UFS souls. i cant even find white or black ones. i need them for my size 8 US skates. [/quote] How about Valo, Nimh or Classic Razor souls?
Roces oldschool with cool addon
07 Apr 2008 comment on Roces oldschool with cool addon

[quote=Bassbeton6996]yes of course you can customize them to ufs. all you need is a roces soulplate. the most of my m12´s were nonufs. its cheaper to customize old ones, when you crack 1 shell in 4 months. ;-)[/quote] Or Nimh, or classic razors, or Valo with some mods.
Old-school Razors NON UFS
06 Mar 2008 comment on Old-school Razors NON UFS

Damn son! You got a pic of the very first skate they released in the states! That's the Stunt model with the metal grindplate. They used to be very vert-oriented. Too bad that's fallen off.
K2 Fatty
06 Mar 2008 comment on K2 Fatty

These are the first Fatty's. It was the only release where the frame curved backwards in the front. All the following models sloped the frame out. They just used Heavy wheels in theis picture.

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