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Genesys 7
12 Aug 2008 comment on Genesys 7

i like the frames. not everyone like them the way i do, but they grind good in royaltricks and they lock very good. soultrick are more dificult because the axles scratch but i got used to it!!!
Rollerbert 1
17 Oct 2007 comment on Rollerbert 1

it's called picture it photo premium 9... stock on my pc installed...
Rollerbert 1
14 Oct 2007 comment on Rollerbert 1

post over me was posted by myself!!!
Rollerbert 1
13 Oct 2007 comment on Rollerbert 1

[quote=Justin] Roller warehouse still has the old yellow non-ufs soulframes for cult boots but you'll have to stick a wedge of plastic under the heel of the frame.[/quote] i've never seen someone skating a genesys shell with non ufs cult souls!!! yellow genesys souls would be so nice!!!
Rollerbert 1
12 Oct 2007 comment on Rollerbert 1

thanks 4 the first votes!!!! keep on voting!!! and yes, it would be so good if there would be some more colours. yellow and royal blue would be cool. there are yellow parts for cult skates i think, why not for genesys shells???

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