DESHI Ch1 light Grey SL 2008

Perfect Setup, i have test the Aragon SL in size 9 but it was to
tight, but the Soulplates are so nice.
Now i skate the new Deshi Grey whit the new Razors Soulplate and its the best feeling ever
But the shit its you can NOT buy the SL souplate single in Germany...


250€ Aragon 2 Boot Only
200€ Deshi Boot Only
60€ Formula 1 Frame
0€ for the old Wheely and Bearings

510€ for the best setup ever - Formula 1 Freestyle All White


GrafKID 00 says (28 Apr 2008)

whoa! that is sick. was it hard to get the SL plates on?
B-Industry 00 says (28 Apr 2008)

no Just cut the front of the plates a litle bit for the toes, lock at the last Pic you will see the cut down... Deshi is size 9 to 10 SL plates from my Aragon in size 9
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (29 Apr 2008)

that is just incredible, they look perfect.
stubbsy 00 says (29 Apr 2008)

sick skate, sick plates and sick frames. the only thing is the lack of boot protection at the toe, but i'm sure it's fine to skate. freshest skate i've seen this week.
living_on_skates 00 says (29 Apr 2008)

i love them! one of the best skates i've seen so far! =D
joejamin121 00 says (29 Apr 2008)

oh! you had to buy the new aragon skate just to put the plates on! what a waste of money! they look so good though but 510 euros is so much
ninja9 AU says (30 Apr 2008)

real good setup
B-Industry 00 says (30 Apr 2008)

oh no, i have buy me the aragon SL and it skate this 3days ago but it was to tight, so i buy then the deshi and but the SL souls on them... yesterday i was skate them and i love it every day more
B-Industry 00 says (01 May 2008)

The Boot its US 8 to 9 so need a soulplate in 9 thats works
buyingrazors 00 says (02 May 2008)

man thats crazy, they look so nice with the souls well done, they look sick best deshi's ive seen, i normally dont like deshi, but these are mad sick. the souls just look so much better on deshi's than they do on razors. and they look better than the deshi souls. nice holla
Bassbeton6996 00 says (16 May 2008)

the freshest deshi setup ever seen! honestly the very first deshi i like. so sascha, when you like the skate so much, why are you skating a rachard johnson throne now, only 2 weeks later!?
B-Industry 00 says (16 May 2008)

The Red Throne Shell, must i say more??? i wait 6 or 7 jears of this shell, so i must be have it haha
shroom 00 says (26 May 2008)

how did u get the souls to stay on the deshi's. plz tell i want those skates so bad and they are not even out yet in the us
Rollschuhfahrer 00 says (20 Jun 2008)

die soulframe gibts jetzt für 40 € bei ignition zu kaufen xD
Sic_wit_it1808 00 says (29 Jul 2008)

dude, u dont have to buy the aragon2 boot to hav this set up. u can buy the soul plate an sliders separately at a website in the US.
johnistheman1 00 says (04 Nov 2008)

[font=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;][size="7"][b][size="2"]how did you get the sliders to stay in place??? can u teach me how to do this? lol[/size][/font][/size] [/b]

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Uploaded by: B-Industry

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Category: Skates
Brand: Deshi
Model: CH 1

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Uploaded: 28 Apr 2008
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