Deshi CH1 Half USD Half Ch1 souls

Deshi Ch1


nizumba1rolla2003 00 says (26 Apr 2008)

those are sweet. that is what i wanted(the black ch1) but they were discontinued i think, and i could not find my size anywhere. check out my white ch1 setup-ill think youd like em. the white buckle and liner were a couple nice touches, man. did they come with the black sifika liners?
ninja9 AU says (26 Apr 2008)

nice skates there, nice frames, wheels and setup. the sole plate looks a little short
stubbsy 00 says (26 Apr 2008)

swell setup, you've done well with that skate and the colour scheme. props for it
lakatos 00 says (26 Apr 2008)

you should tell me litlle more about what size are your skates and what size is jug liner, i want to do something very similar with mine, also how does vent liner feel in those?
lakatos 00 says (26 Apr 2008)

or somebody else if can answer my question :)
lakatos 00 says (26 Apr 2008)

how feeel vent liner in them? and also what is the skates size and what size are those jugs? i am currently thinking about doing the same with mine ch1s, also i f anybody else tried jugs in ch1 let me know please :)
illah 00 says (27 Apr 2008)

The jug vents are the same size as the ch1(size 42eu). The liner is very comfertable and probably the favorite part of my skates, totaly worth the extra money imo. The usd soulplate may look smal, but its actually the way they fit on the deshis.
lakatos 00 says (28 Apr 2008)

and seems the vent somehow smaller than original sifika liner? i mean smaller or narrower<br>btw. really thanx for the answer<br><br>
illah 00 says (28 Apr 2008)

Nah the original sifka liner and the vent liner feels very similar size wise. Though deshi is a bit small in sizes. if you click on a deshi skate you will find a size guide.
joejamin121 00 says (30 Apr 2008)

the front bit of the soul plate looks so sik
illah 00 says (30 Apr 2008)

It's half usd duall II and half deshi ch1 souls. Feelt like something was missing when I just hade the usd soul. Havent tried to skate them yet, but ill post my feedback here when I've tried them.
living_on_skates 00 says (02 May 2008)

sooo sick with the half deshi half USD plate!
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (15 May 2008)

nice custom .:)

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Uploaded by: illah

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Category: Skates
Brand: Deshi
Model: CH 1

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Uploaded: 25 Apr 2008
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