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WH Carbon

WH Carbon     2 likeBar | 2 likeBar

- Kizer...
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Category: Skates -> Deshi -> Carbon Skate
CH 1 skate

CH 1 skate     1 likeBar | 2 likeBar

CH1 + FTL2 + USD DualPlates + Undercover Lomax - ...
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Category: Skates -> Deshi -> CH 1
ch1 pro ezy

ch1 pro ezy

- type m...
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Category: Skates -> Deshi -> CH 1


My carbons, Uc wheels, bones bearings and kizer frames. - ki...
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Category: Skates -> Deshi -> Carbon Skate
Randy Spizer 2.1

Randy Spizer 2.1     2 likeBar | 1 likeBar

-Randy Spizer Boot-Sifika monowrap Dem liner-Fluid Frames-UC...
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Category: Skates -> Deshi -> Pro Skate
DK Black

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Deshi DK Black. Ground Control, Coldberg. Coldberg UFS Thron...
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carbon     0 likeBar | 1 likeBar

Nakar SetUpDeshi carbon bootsKizer Slimline FramesUC wheels ...
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Category: Skates -> Deshi -> Carbon Skate
Deshi CH1 Colin Kelso

Deshi CH1 Colin Kelso     3 likeBar | 3 likeBar

Deshi -----#62 comfyCH1(carbon hybrid) -----#62 extremely li...
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Category: Skates -> Deshi -> CH 1

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Deshi skates was founded by Louie Zamora and Randy Spizer. To make the skate happen they received financial back up from the Conference. Deshi was originally a 100 pC Softboot aka Cardboard skate. However over the years the quality of the skates improved. After a couple of years Louie and Randy left Deshi due to differences between them and the conference. Today the Deshi brand is gone. The successful Carbon Skate was re-released under USD.

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