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Rollerblade Twister SUV

Rollerblade Twister SUV     1 likeBar | 0 likeBar

My new custom setup:- Shell and cuff: Rollerblade Twister 80...
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Category: Skates -> Rollerblade -> Non UFS
Poppy skates
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Poppy skates

Mint condition may swap for carbons or sebas ...
Views: 298
Comments: 1
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Category: Skates -> OUT -> Other
K2 250cc
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K2 250cc

Put these together for my girl but they did not fit selling ...
Views: 326
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Category: Skates -> K2 -> Non UFS
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Argon     1 likeBar | 0 likeBar

Fresh set ...
Views: 499
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Category: Skates -> Oxygen -> Other
Impact 100

Impact 100

These were my first blades back in the day, they killed my f...
Views: 604
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Category: Skates -> Razors -> Non UFS
OG Remedy -
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OG Remedy -     1 likeBar | 0 likeBar

Original Remedy, bought circa 99. Size: EU 44 / US 11 / UK 1...
Views: 1037
Comments: 2
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Category: Skates -> Remz -> Non UFS
Team Edition

Team Edition     1 likeBar | 0 likeBar

Size US 11 (shell size 13, but runs small), using thinner tr...
Views: 937
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Category: Skates -> USD -> Non UFS Throne
Salomon ST8

Salomon ST8

Size unknown (fits on US11/EU45), stock trs wheels. Missing ...
Views: 869
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Category: Skates -> Salomon -> Non UFS

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Checkout your favourite old school non-UFS skates. Starting with the earlist Rollerblade skates from the late 80's to the Non-UFS Arlo Eisenberg Throne. These skates are part of skate history. Enjoy!

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