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my collection

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k2 nemesisk2 250...
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K2 King 55 old School

K2 King 55 old School     2 likeBar | 1 likeBar

Size 11 US.I found them on eBay. No tongues were included. C...
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K2 Prototype

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IS NOT MY SKATE!! Louie Zamora was rocking these K2 prototyp...
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Style points Bob

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Found these on a used goods site for 20, had them 12 years a...
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K2 Varsity

K2 Varsity

Changed up the fames to K2 alu 247mm. 80mm Hyper wheel Concr...
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UFS K2 250cc

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Huh, cannot use certain punctuation marks, this will be fun!...
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K2 IL CAPO 2011

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i shave the bottom of the K2 new for perfect fit of the carb...
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K2 NEMESIS SIZE US.9     0 likeBar | 1 likeBar

Must be in decent shape with or with out wheels/frame. I am ...
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K2 has been with the skating scene from day one. With the introduction of the fatty skate K2 rose among the top skate manufacturers in the mid 90s. Pretty much everyone was rocking K2 Fattys or Majestic 12s. In the early 2000s K2 lost his key position in the market. Even though great names such as Dominik Sagona and Pat lennon skated for the. There models were considered way ro bulky and heavy. Today K2 still sells aggressive skates however they don't invest any money in the skate industry.

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