nimh shima v2

very sweet looking skate also very light not heavy at all cant wait to skate them feels very solid too no upgrades yet will post them when modified - stock gc formula ones


rollingfl 00 says (09 May 2008)

Valos look gay in bigger sizes are these the same? do you think these will look good in size 10?
spartan skater
spartan skater 00 says (09 May 2008)

[b] yeah i think they'll look nice in a ten these are a size 11.5 and they still look smaller and nicer then my trs downtown 4 which look like frankenstein boots but they are really snug around the foot some people say to get a half size bigger but then others say you need to break them in a little then they feel a lot better ill soon find out and the repost[/b]
deln 00 says (09 May 2008)

take more pics of the liners and the boots and souls. you can upload 5 pics.
rollingfl 00 says (10 May 2008)

[b]thanx, they look soo sick are those frames good? [/b]
rollingfl 00 says (10 May 2008)

can you post a video on youtube of you skating them?
stubbsy 00 says (12 May 2008)

can't wait till they release that in england.
nevernotrolling 00 says (12 May 2008)

i kinda like the boot but i'd change the liners for some jugs :)
spartan skater
spartan skater 00 says (14 May 2008)

these skates are awesome finally skated them they slide like butta and the soul plates lock on so good the linner isnt bad at all they feel tight at first but then mold to your foot i bought some footbeds from new balance and they feel perfect now. Another good thing is the skate feels very light iv'e only skated them twice so i dont know how durable they are.The only thing i wasnt crazy about was the ground control anti rocker wheels ive only used them for one day and there almost gone im gonna replace them with the (Night UHMW 43mm Anti-Rocker Wheels) i heard they were good and long lasting but overall i definitely give these skates a solid two thumbs up and there also going down in price in the U.S .
stubbsy 00 says (20 Jun 2008)

those sexy bitches weigh feathers, that's fu.cking what!
abritto3 00 says (07 Dec 2008)

are those formula ones size 2 or 3? I have some v2s in 11s (10-11 shell) with size 2 gc duals and they look pretty good, but I'm thinking of snagging some all black formula 1s in size 3 when they die.

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Uploaded by: spartan skater

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Category: Skates
Brand: Nimh
Model: Other

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Uploaded: 09 May 2008
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