EVILVONDAGGER 00 says (19 Dec 2008)

First is a skate. second is a liner. Sorry about the quality, but i do have school work.
EVILVONDAGGER 00 says (19 Dec 2008)

I'm sure someone will have epidemic problems with it. So i apologize ahead of time, as every artist has to do HAHA. Do try to use complete sentences with actual insight, it helps.
stubbsy 00 says (19 Dec 2008)

lol. nike. they look like running spikes.
joejamin121 00 says (19 Dec 2008)

top 1s look better but why do you need to add a brand to everything start your own logo or something
abritto3 00 says (19 Dec 2008)

Please don't design and try to get them made by a rollerblading company. I'm sorry, but the color scheme's are horrible like there's too much going on in one skate.
NoiL 00 says (19 Dec 2008)

Fu*k that man who painted that shit...
ant71 00 says (19 Dec 2008)

love it :O boot seriously owns tho frame looks like crappy old kizer armor tech^^
EVILVONDAGGER 00 says (19 Dec 2008)

Like i previously stated the second image is a liner. Why a nike swoosh, why not? I really think a fully realized company image at this point is not the way to go. Also i like seeing how most of you that post this uninformed and ignorant slant on anything you see. At least i'm doing something about my work. I will get better at my form and technique in time. But to those who only hate on everything with no actual input, what are you doing? Just sitting around hating from a safe little chair in your little room with your little mind. So no support from fellow skaters shows actually how weak our industry is becoming, do to people like yourselves.
KORAZ 00 says (20 Dec 2008)

cuffs in all your designs are to low
celticpryde 00 says (20 Dec 2008)

I think u r doin a GREAT job. do u have a long way to go till u get it right??? YA! but who doesnt when they start out? I think the laces go to far up kinda like the old remz, to be honestthey look like a mix between old remz, pre 2005 TRS', and runners. I still like the big style skates personally, but u doin great. wen u got time cud u maybe do up a big one and maybe a hard shell or mix boot? Id like to see wut u make... unlike others I AM INTRIGUED!
EVILVONDAGGER 00 says (21 Dec 2008)

Celticpryde, yes i have at least another two years of schooling left, if not three depending on the range of products i want to design. I will work on something that is a little more INSIDE THE BOX. I may have come across as snobbish, but i have clearly explained my side of the designs and have gotten the 5th graders response to it.
EVILVONDAGGER 00 says (21 Dec 2008)

KORAZ, I do need to work on the cuff heighth. Considering i ride Xsjados, and the cuff comes half way up to your calf, you would think i would draw them higher. But yes i totally agree, i will put a higher cuff in the recipe.
celticpryde 00 says (22 Dec 2008)

Im not sayin draw inside the box...I just wana see wut u wud come up wit, I think u got some talent bro, I think this industry cud use some diversity. PLS YOU draw it and dont wry bout ppl and their f..kin box. keep up the good wrk..PROPS!
EVILVONDAGGER 00 says (23 Dec 2008)

Celticpryde,Holla back at

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