Razors Cult IV Skates w Nemesis Frames

These are Razors Cult 4 skates. I've removed the super crappy stock liners and replaced them with Vicious liners. The more I wear these the more I like 'em. By the way, the quality of these skates (stock) suck so bad. The t-nut receptors (inside the boot) for the boot bolts aren't even flush. The bottom of your feet will feel uncomfortable and lopsided, even with the cheap foam separator on the bottom. Two of my eyelets at the top have already ripped and I haven't even skated them yet. I surely wouldn't go out of my way to buy the latest Cult XXVIIII skate for full retail price, or whatever version is currently out. The ankle power strap could be longer as well. By the way, these skates are a pain in the a-- to put on.

Cult IV Skates
Size 8-9 US boots

Vicious Wraith Liners
Size 9 US (but fit like 8)

K2 UFS Nemesis Frames (6mm hardware, wtf)
Size medium (8-9 US)

Vintage Senate 62mm/90a on the outside (rockered all the way down)
Blank 45mm/100a purple anti-rockers on the inside

Autobahn Abec-5 and Five-C bearings - K2 UFS Nemesis


ryanloewy 00 says (07 Jul 2009)

Razor cults are really good skates. You don't need expensive skates to skate good. You don't even need that skin that is over the boot. Also your frames are way too small, thats probably reason why they don't skate so well.
webbie554 00 says (29 Jul 2009)

I skate Razor cult 4's as well, i also got rid of the stock liners, and put in sifika sl-310. the strap is rather small, which after the one started ripping, i took off completely. i dont find it hard putting mine on though, but i got them when they came out. nice skates overall

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Cult

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