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Razors Cult IV Skates w Nemesis Frames
07 Jul 2009 comment on Razors Cult IV Skates w Nemesis Frames

Razor cults are really good skates. You don't need expensive skates to skate good. You don't even need that skin that is over the boot. Also your frames are way too small, thats probably reason why they don't skate so well.
RAZORS Lievanos 2
30 Mar 2009 comment on RAZORS Lievanos 2

those frames are terrible
Salomon and USD
30 Mar 2009 comment on Salomon and USD

[quote=Thisissoul]Don't apologize, when you write "2" instead of "to" you are not even trying.[/quote] actually, it is "too", dumb ass.
usd albert hooi
09 Mar 2009 comment on usd albert hooi

it's al hooi, not all hooi
USD Realms
08 Nov 2008 comment on USD Realms

[quote=speedy9_78][highlight=#cccccc]these skates are crap.they have nothing to do with aggressive skates[/highlight] [/quote] Actually, you're wrong, and you're a loving "noob" because you totally just made yourself look bad. The USD Realms are a recreation of the old Fila Crusty model, which WAS one of the first aggressive skate models. USD/Powerslide purchased the rights to the mold and is using it as an entry level skate to attract more rollerbladers, so it DOES have something to do with "Aggressive" skates. And by the way, "Aggressive" ain't PC in rollerblading anymore, haha.

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