Brian Aragon Unique Prototype skate

Bad ass skates. -


xlarge 00 says (14 Jan 2008)

these are actually one of the better looking skins ever.
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (14 Jan 2008)

sweet, those are ace!
Justin US says (14 Jan 2008)

Haha. You bought those things? You ever skate them?
xplode 00 says (14 Jan 2008)

10x guys :D I've skate them couple of times , but the pictures are since they where new . I was skateing on xsjado's and I have to get use to them .
johnmurphy7 00 says (14 Jan 2008)

how much were they and there prototypes right?
ninja9 AU says (15 Jan 2008)

look bit like k2 w/ better lookin skin
xplode 00 says (15 Jan 2008)

Yeap they are prototypes and they were 280 $ .<br>And in europe a regular brian aragon skate is 300 euro = 446 $ <br>
ryanloewy 00 says (18 Jan 2008)

[quote=ninja9]look bit like k2 w/ better lookin skin[/quote] exactly what i was thinking
xplode 00 says (18 Jan 2008)

[quote=tleinter]can you tell me,where or what website that i can buy them? [/quote] they've made only one pair. ( and it's mine :D:p)
buyingrazors 00 says (18 Jan 2008)

pleasse tell me you dont skate them lol. if they were mine, id just frame them lol :P after getting aragon to sign them obvcourse :P there the most nicest skates EVER.
rollaablader 00 says (20 Jan 2008)

why it's YOUR pair?? have you won these?
SunDay 00 says (21 Jan 2008)

[quote=ryanloewy] exactly what i was thinking[/quote] haha i was think the same thing
P0Nt3 00 says (21 Jan 2008)

SICK looking skate...lost points for the frames though..I had the bullets....If I didn't hate them for being unable to rotate them cuz GC decided to make a one sided frame and no replaceable h-block.(Gen-3 much better)....still a sick ass boot though.
P0Nt3 00 says (21 Jan 2008)

Oh...and I highly doubt if Razors only made one pair of these skates that they would sell em...and sell em to you....I'm sure the ONE pair ever made would be owned by Aragon himself...even if your name was Alex Broskow...I'm sure Brian would STILL get them first
xlarge 00 says (26 Apr 2008)

[quote=Razor.Skater]i love them they sick! how much wer they and wer u get them from? and add if u have msn and post it to other people thanks [/quote] he's not going to sell them to you, you f--king retard. by the way, thanks for your email, dumbas-.

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Uploaded by: xplode

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Genesys

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Uploaded: 14 Jan 2008
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