M3 S6 G7

My M3, S6 and the new addition to the family the G7. Various cuff and soul combos all with either White neoprene, Black Big J or Black Vent Jug liners in. this was the day I was deciding what setup to go for. -


shimakid12 00 says (30 Jun 2008)

Nice collection man, all the skates look sick. Sizes? If size 8-9 shell, would you consider selling me the M3's with white cuffs and the White neo liners with the reign tongues?
*Rasta* 00 says (01 Jul 2008)

razors are so sick! nice colection dude...
skatejamie GB says (01 Jul 2008)

[highlight=#cccccc]Thanks for the comments. They are all size 8, sorry but they are not for sale. I am currently skating them. [/highlight]
shimakid12 00 says (02 Jul 2008)

That's depressing. Well wear them well; and if you decide that you want to get rid of them while they are still in good condition, and you don't need three pairs, hit me up.
rollbooter 00 says (05 Aug 2008)

hey, those went jug's look like padded. you put something inside the tongue? could you tell what? :)
Justin US says (20 Sep 2008)

he put a reign tongue on top of the jugs in the M3s
JamesWM2 GB says (11 Jan 2009)

you skate any of these ? or just put them on your wall :L:L lol there all sick but do you skate them all ? or just one ?
skatejamie GB says (14 Jan 2009)

[highlight=#cccccc]Putting them on the wall! Thats a great idea. Don't think my Mrs would agree though. I do skate all of them in phases. Depends what mood I'm in. Although the Shima 6s shell have gone all weak and bendy, so they are in my spare parts box for a rainy day session. I can never bring myself to throw any old hardware away![/highlight]
Fmskater4life US says (03 Dec 2012)

Size are those black jug big j's?

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Uploaded by: skatejamie

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Genesys

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