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delnotpre 00 says (21 Aug 2007)

[quote=kjfejgfsads]there o3's cut up and not yours may i add there my mates tom stop steal pics of the internet and puttin em on here and if u do give creddit the the persons who it actually is[/quote] listen up faggot, if you wanna blame me for posting, you might as well blame some korean site i found the picture on. as for yur mate's skates, they're pretty ugly.
delnotpre 00 says (21 Aug 2007)

[quote=replica]if they are ugly why do you post them. don't you have more to do to your time? go outside, skate a while, and stop being a idiot. how much time do you past on internet? 18h for day? this is a site for people sharing their skates, not to put every pieces of shit you find on internet! and you are not going to win a medal for puting so much shit here[/quote] i think you're a fucking idiot. if you don't like custom skates, then don't even come here, you dumb idiot. it doesn't matter that the skates are on other parts of the net or on skatesetup. you're fucking retarded as hell.

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Uploaded by: delnotpre

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Open Shell OS

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Uploaded: 21 Aug 2007
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