Remz 07 Three

Yeah,with the new GC Featherlite Shima Frame,Austin Paz Eulogys,white BS-Plates and that fucking hot Reign-Liner.that fits nearly perfect.:D -


delnotpre 00 says (09 Aug 2007)

holy crap. best setup ever. what size are those skates and liners? how'd you get em in? just awesome. you needs more pics of the chassis.
G-Thang490 00 says (09 Aug 2007)

[highlight=#cccccc]sick skates, but the liners are too big. jug liners would be better. [/highlight] <a h[NOTVAR]ref="Skate'>">Skate Setup</a>
Rollerbert 00 says (09 Aug 2007)

i like it!!! they should make some jug liners for remz skates!!!
fisico 00 says (10 Aug 2007)

+ white bucle and white strap
Justin US says (10 Aug 2007)

perfect. i think jugs suck, so good choice there.
slickrick 00 says (10 Aug 2007)

phat as shit m8 i thought of doing that with the liners its fukn sik tho blud good work must of cost alot tho
slickrick 00 says (10 Aug 2007)

r u using freestyle or anti cnt quite c
DerSchwede 00 says (10 Aug 2007)

Its Size 42/9. In the middle are some GC Nylons,so it is anti. Reigns are the best liners ever,so why i should use Jugs?
delnotpre 00 says (19 Aug 2007)

[quote=hfhgdhhd]you're a fucking idiot for putting reign liners in remz[/quote] at least they look better than your face, you fucking loser
DerSchwede 00 says (25 Aug 2007)

[quote=hfhgdhhd]you're a fucking idiot for putting reign liners in remz[/quote] WTF? Are you trying to tell me,that the Remz liner is better than the Reignliner? Sucker..... No Way!!!
itsmecarlos35 00 says (01 Sep 2007)

fack these are nice . .must look big while rolling lol im a nine and thats what im getting but with big js well with the remz but ima try my big js in them these are hot . how are the wheels"
xlarge 00 says (12 Sep 2007)

i doubt they move a lot. the remz liners are much less puffier, and are thinner. these reigns will probably take up most of the internal space. keep in mind, the remz sz 8-9 US boot is for some odd reason, EXTREMELY BIG. the whole boot looks like a size 10 boot from the outside. crazy.
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (28 Sep 2007)

putting those liners in remz completely kills the freedom of feet concept. the rest of the skate looks good just put the stock liner back in.
halifaxsydney342 00 says (23 Nov 2007)

stock remz liners a re better than reigns in remz
SunDay 00 says (11 Jan 2008)

i totally agree with Fortunate Few, those are awesome skates but get rid of those liners. dont get me wrong, the liners are great but just not in remz.

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Uploaded by: DerSchwede

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Skinned Boot

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Uploaded: 09 Aug 2007
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