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Roces Majestic 12 1996

Roces Majestic 12 1996     2 likeBar | 0 likeBar

Roces Majestic 13 Twelve original Senate wheels Roadhouse qu...
Views: 6883
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Category: Skates -> Roces -> Majestic 12 NON UFS
Roces Lowrider

Roces Lowrider

Purchased on E Bay a few weeks ago, Came with Cozmo wheels t...
Views: 5370
Comments: 5
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Category: Skates -> Roces -> Other Non UFS
M12 Oli Short Chopped

M12 Oli Short Chopped

Oli Short Boot open cut boot Cuff cut down to about Valo hei...
Views: 4024
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Category: Skates -> Roces -> Majestic 12 UFS
Roces 5 elements skull

Roces 5 elements skull     3 likeBar | 0 likeBar

Roces 5 elementsValo soulplateK2 frontman frame...
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Category: Skates -> Roces -> 5th Element
roces m12 ufs

roces m12 ufs     2 likeBar | 0 likeBar

roces m12 kizer frames...
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Category: Skates -> Roces -> Majestic 12 UFS
Impala made UFS

Impala made UFS     7 likeBar | 0 likeBar

Roces Impala with yellow cuff, white soulplate and original ...
Views: 6696
Comments: 13
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Category: Skates -> Roces -> Other Non UFS
impalas found

impalas found     2 likeBar | 0 likeBar

i have found a supply of roces impalas all new boxed sizes f...
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Category: Skates -> Roces -> Impala
Roces Khuti

Roces Khuti     1 likeBar | 0 likeBar

Black Khuit with Red Frames...
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Category: Skates -> Roces -> Khuti

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Roces - the true pioneer of rollerblading. Without skates such as the Majestic 12 aggressive skating wouldn't have been possible. Rollerblading ows Roces a big deal of respect for what they have done in the past for our sport in the mid 1990s. Today Roces has retired from aggressive skating. However Roces will always be a integral part of our history!

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