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Custom RG3

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dyed shell, white soul plates and GC mega frames...
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Category: Skates -> Rollerblade -> Solo
Rollerblade tribe

Rollerblade tribe

Rollerblade ufs estaacutendar frame with 56 mm Rollerblade w...
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Category: Skates -> Rollerblade -> Other
Trooper M12 mix
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Trooper M12 mix     2 likeBar | 0 likeBar

chris edwards trooper w roces/valo soles, razor liner...
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Category: Skates -> Rollerblade -> Other
TRS Powerblade FSK

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Santiago TRS with GC 80mm Frame amp Razors 80mm wheels. ...
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Category: Skates -> Rollerblade -> TRS
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Come across my trs detail in white, what they worth these da...
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Category: Skates -> Rollerblade -> TRS
Rolllerblade Swindler

Rolllerblade Swindler     1 likeBar | 0 likeBar

Rollerblade Swindler collector skates...
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Category: Skates -> Rollerblade -> Non UFS
Rollerblade Twister SUV

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My new custom setup:- Shell and cuff: Rollerblade Twister 80...
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Category: Skates -> Rollerblade -> Non UFS
Solo Powerblades

Solo Powerblades

2017 Solo skates with Kizer Arrow Frames, RB Hydrogen 80mm w...
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Category: Skates -> Rollerblade -> Solo

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The Company that started it all. Without Rollerblade there would be no rollerblading - period! In the early/mid 90s this company turned skating into this big main stream monster of the 90s. Chris Edwards and Team Rollerblade pushed the sport to new dimensions. Today Rollerblade continues to be a core supporter of the skating community. With grass root skaters such as Robert Guererro and fresh faces such as David Sizemore the company has a strong team.

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