B.Cam 1

Pimped out B.Cam1's, size 42 w black duals, Kizer M-type frames size M and 4x4 Haffey wheels. Original liner but new laces. ignition stickers for representing!

took some time to fit the duals, but hell...it was worth it! next project will be the Thompson 2's...anyone w a pair in size 42, contact me!

hope u like it...peace -


Rollerbert 00 says (13 Apr 2007)

they're look allright, but you should take black laces...
Swedenroller 00 says (13 Apr 2007)

well, I had black ones...but I thought that they would look even cooler w some coloured laces. but yeah, black ones are all right...what do u think about the rest of the setup? nex week I wil have new GC frames on 'em, all black w the Shima 7 setup...gonna be sweet! peace
Rollerbert 00 says (13 Apr 2007)

man i love salomons with kizer frames. nothing else would look better i think!!! but its your choice... rest of the setup... well, i'm not a big fan from big customisations on a salomon skate. i like them too much, so by myself, i couldn't "destroy" them for putting duals or anything else on them ;-) i customise the widebodys and thats enough. but if you like the duals, why not? and it dosen't lok bad!!!
luke beck
luke beck 00 says (16 Sep 2008)

this setup is shit hot

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Uploaded by: Swedenroller

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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Uploaded: 13 Apr 2007
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