Salomon ST Vinny Minton 06

Here's my Vinny Minton 06 with blue and white Feinberg suspension frame from 2004 with original Diamond Grindblock, Senate Feinberg wheels from 2000 and K2 Bearings. Customised widebody soulframe with a bigger and wider groove for better locking.

hope you like it, i do!!! - Kizer Feinberg Suspension 04


Josh 00 says (09 Apr 2007)

nice! how did you make the widebodies smaller?
Rollerbert 00 says (09 Apr 2007)

i had to make the groove so big... for better break in in royales an fulltorques. i cut it with a fret saw and made the groove biger with a file.
Rollerbert 00 says (09 Apr 2007)

i like the way it looks <img src="templates/multilingual/images/smilies/cool.gif" alt="Cool" border="0">
Rollerbert 00 says (13 Apr 2007)

little review: they skate so fucking good, no other skate could beat that!!! i learned bs savannahs and fs/bs backslides in 2 hours because of the big groove, its so easy to logg topside tricks and the have an incredible support to my feet. they're not very fast in souls, but thats allright if you have some wax!!!
Rollerbert 00 says (14 Apr 2007)

[quote=Jigi]I like em The skates are perfekt in all aspects[/quote] you got the best taste, hombre!!! i like you :nod:
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (09 Jul 2007)

nice job on cutting / grooving those widebodies.

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Uploaded by: Rollerbert

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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