Brandon Campbell 1

I little old, new and newnew.

B-Cam 1 boot (size 7), Ground Control Featherlite Haffey small, Cozmo Mini Fly 56mm 85A, Kizer Abec 7 Bearings. -


Rollerbert 00 says (29 Jul 2007)

hot and fast (!!!) setup! like it!
Rollerbert 00 says (29 Jul 2007)

the idiot you talkin about is me :-) i gave him 5 points and not 6 because i am enviously :D:D:D and why should he put another liner in the skate? salomon liners are comfortable as hell, nothing's better then that!!! and widebodys suck!!!
chowsa 00 says (29 Jul 2007)

I like the stock liners and I'm not a huge fan of the widebodies either. I have a few pair lying around so if you know of someone on small salos who wants widebodies have them msg. me. Thanks for the love, I think this setup is going to skate really well. FYI they are ridiculously light, the new GC frames are bloody amazing.
Justin US says (30 Jul 2007)

[quote=chinky dim hung]sure, but the salo liners are thin as hell. they thin out way too fast and end up like paper thin foam. the widebodies are wide as hell, but theyre way better than the non-existent backslide area of salo boots.[/quote] In my opinion the best way to go is putting some RB souls systems on there. They're not too wide, not to small and the backslide isn't bad.
chowsa 00 says (30 Jul 2007)

chinky you've got some good points but in my opinion they are quite nice stock. by the time a liner thins out I move on to another skate because it's usually destroyed by then. and personally I do like the backslide area. I find it somewhat slow but it helps because you are building your own groove out of the boot. I just skated them yesterday and once the grooves are nice they're going to be a really fun setup.
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (02 Sep 2007)

do you know where i could get a pair of these in size 8?
ninja9 AU says (26 Nov 2007)

the backslide area looks stupid but other than that a classic dope skate. and you need new liners
ninja9 AU says (26 Nov 2007)

or dont need new liners , maybe.du no
nizumba1rolla2003 00 says (28 Feb 2008)

i would totally fuck that skate....needs a backslide groove tho'
frontsavannasean 00 says (28 Feb 2008)

sickest salomon setup ever
whitenight 00 says (12 Oct 2008)

so sick but have fun trying to grind with the wheels in the way
JamesWM2 GB says (28 Nov 2008)

Got id kill anyone to get those skates ! there amazing lookin love salo's ! can't get any in my size so stuck with Razors the now

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Uploaded by: chowsa

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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Uploaded: 29 Jul 2007
Views: 4113
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