usd transmformers

usd transformers adjustable junior ,kizer midget frames , abec five bearings,usd team wheels +team liner ,usd saftey lock buckle - kizer midget 08


living_on_skates 00 says (19 Jan 2009)

stfu!<br>i don't think that your a haffey.. <br>and everybody has to start with something!<br><br>cunt.<br>
Thisissoul NL says (19 Jan 2009)

Love you Joeri.<br>I have seen kids doing a 360 topsoul on those skates.<br>
skatejamie GB says (19 Jan 2009) your a twat. I bet once upon a time you had shit or beginner skates too. I know I did. You didn't start skating one day and instantly became Haffey and Aragon rolled into one. Whats your fuckin' problem? Your the sort of person that makes beginners want to quit and go skateboard. I have met a hundred arrogant fucks like you before. One word for rollerbladers like you. Living on skates summed it up. CUNT.
skatejamie GB says (19 Jan 2009)

... And by the way "" why don't you post your skates you cunt! I bet you have a new pair of Icon 2s with brand new GC frames or summit. Fuckin' poser! But the thing is no matter how great your setup is, it don't make you a any good. You can't judge someones skills by a photo of their skates! I get so pissed of with people like you. You're what brings rollerblading to its fuckin' knees! Once again. CUNT.
living_on_skates 00 says (19 Jan 2009)

[quote=skatejamie]... You're what brings rollerblading to its fuckin' knees! Once again. CUNT. [/quote] so treu!,i'f your a hero on skates,i would like to see an edit. but,about the skates, my little brother has the same ones,and he really likes them! allthough he is rocking them anti.
skater_boy23 00 says (20 Jan 2009)

cheers ''living on skates + skatejamie '' they are not actualy mine they are my mates but thanks for sticking up for him ! anyway i .love.skating you must not love skating if you judge somone by there skates !!!!
celticpryde 00 says (24 Jan 2009)

no shit thats rediculous to be such a bitch about shit...buddy u need to just go hang urself and do the world a favor instead of bringin us all down.

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Uploaded by: skater_boy23

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: Transformer

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Uploaded: 19 Jan 2009
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