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17 Jun 2009 comment on carbon

there 60mm wheels, i shaved a little over 1mm into the soul so they would fit, it dident hurt anything... & they roll so fast!
14 Jun 2009 comment on carbon

o & b4 anyone ask.. the are razor buckles are on there because the stock ones kept releaseing everytime i fell so i changed them after i twisted my ankle from the ratchet buckle comeing lose
Medium Sandoz Pro Wheels
12 Nov 2008 comment on Medium Sandoz Pro Wheels

i want them!! contact me on Amall forum my screen names "mr. oldschool"
New Deshi carbons black and white boots
02 Nov 2008 comment on New Deshi carbons black and white boots

the new deshi will weigh in at 750 grams, that just over 1.5 pounds per boot... & yes the price tag is steap! around 350 boot only & they did push the release date back to January or febuary of 09
Xsjado Stockwell 2
18 Oct 2008 comment on Xsjado Stockwell 2

traded my ables for thouse frames & wanted a all black skate with a little red, & yea i kinda wish i never dyed them but who cares im skateing remz now & these have been sitting

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