New Deshi carbons black and white boots

deshi carbon new pictures,
white and black boots with the new deshi souls.

The Neglected Truth website just updated by putting up a look at both of the new Deshi Carbon skates, the first being black and white and the other being strait black. I am not going to lie, these skates look really good, and from what I hear they are extremely lite and perform very well. The will be priced at $349 American dollars for a boot only skate, now that may seem steep, but if what I have heard about these skates is true, then they are definitely worth the price of admission. -


so wack
so wack PR says (01 Nov 2008)

the soul looks wafer thin, but the groove looks like it lock you in your grinds perfectly
Adamskaj 00 says (02 Nov 2008)

i dont like the visual look of them, they look like they could be good skates tho
eXhaust CL says (02 Nov 2008)

I liked the CH1 souls look a lot better, aparat from that hideous wing flap on the back. I reckon they protected the boot a it better too. For as far as the boot looks, this might be the best looking Deshi yet.
Mr. OldSchool
Mr. OldSchool 00 says (02 Nov 2008)

the new deshi will weigh in at 750 grams, that just over 1.5 pounds per boot... & yes the price tag is steap! around 350 boot only & they did push the release date back to January or febuary of 09
Bassbeton6996 00 says (03 Nov 2008)

they look like speedskates. but the black one is the best looking deshi boot ever.
stubbsy 00 says (04 Nov 2008)

that soul will be gone before you can say the new deshi soul is too motherf'king thin!
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (07 Nov 2008)

Good way to sell usd souls lol. Everyone who buys these are gonna break the stock souls and get usd :)
Seppuku 00 says (08 Nov 2008)

put usd 2 piece xD
speedy9_78 00 says (08 Nov 2008)

[highlight=#cccccc]these are the first deshis i like. but even so.. the soulplate is totally crap[/highlight]

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Uploaded by: Gooders45

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Category: Skates
Brand: Deshi
Model: Carbon Skate

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Uploaded: 01 Nov 2008
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