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Salomon Team
28 Aug 2009 comment on Salomon Team

Those are CROPE!!! (Crazy + dope)
27 Aug 2009 comment on Vecro

Ok. First of all my conclusion jumping friend. He didn't say he got the valos and decided to take the skins of. He just stated that he took them off because of flexibility. 2. When the skin gets ruined u can take them off and it'd be like having a new pair of skates. 3. The although the same manufacturer makes roces and valo. The valo boot is made a little wider.... this isn't a recent development either. This has been going on for sometime throughout the industry. Other skate companies having subsidiary companies. USD= Deshi. Zamora and Spizer got help from them to make Deshi. Razor=Remz. Why do u think the cuffs are interchangable? Razor=Nimh. Shim and Elliot got help from razors. Take the skin of and its a cult with the toe missing. Roces=Valo.... even the companies are on a scratch my back basis. Why do u think Remz and Razors always come stock with Jug and Ground Control? And USD & Deshi always come stock with Sifika and Kizer (unless pro skate)
03 LE
25 Aug 2009 comment on 03 LE

Good find. I would've gottem.
Shima 3
23 Aug 2009 comment on Shima 3

Bigger frames. Blue cuff. Not painted leather. They would be sick.
USD Kelso Classic
23 Aug 2009 comment on USD Kelso Classic


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