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carbon skate
15 Jul 2009 comment on carbon skate

Those are crazy dope. Very very nice.
22 May 2009 comment on Carbon

Ok. Since I didn't know as much about that actual skate as u did, such as wut it was made out of and so on, I will say that maybe I was a little hasteful to knock the skate down a knotch. I agree that a littler and lighter skate is easier go faster and jump higher there for giving of less energy but the the heavier the skate the the faster u spin. The weight carries the momentum of the spin with ur actual persons. ( u ever notice that know one spins anymore now than they did 6 years ago?) Hoang Phung was doin 540 souls back in 2001-2002 and probably before then..... yes I would love for the sport to progress even mofe htan it already has. I'm not saying that the skate is a step in the wrong direction. I'm just saying that the direction that its goin in mite be futile. Almost as if someone were to put anything anyone has ever wanted in a skate into a computer and the computer configured all the data nad cane up wiht that....... I have skated the carbons for a bit and its not my style. But I guess that's the happy medium at which we're both meeting. I haven't owned the skate for a year so I can't say that the boot and cushions will wear out quickly, but history says that it will....... to wrap things up I ask, why don't we just cut the bullshit and make a thick kevlar sock frames and wheels attached?
21 May 2009 comment on Carbon

Ok. 1st. Ergonomically and theoretically this is a probably the best skate on the market. But I don't think its gonna catch on. 1. There's no room for customization. 2. The liners aren't removable and that was a huge issue for the 1st deshi boots that came about. 3. They're not indestructable. Wut I mean by that is most skates u by rite now will last and last, that shit will tear as soon as u snag on something... the truth is, there are some skaters that don't mind a big skate and every skater wants a skate that u can replace parts and is customizable. And I swear to the good lord, if I hear one more person complain about how heavy a skate is or how lite they want there skates, I'm gonna go on a killing spree. Franky could 450 royale any rail in TRS Details and Able frames rolling flat. That's the heaviest a skate u could possibly roll. Well let me tell u dummb asses something. If u were to compare gen 1 able frames and kizer fluid frames, the weight difference is a few grams. And that's scientifically impossible to tell the difference between the 2..... long story short. Historically its always been 3 things that made the popularity of a skate. Customization, Frequency of new releases and the team. Look at who's dominating the sport.Remz, Razor, USD.
02 May 2009 comment on TRS DT3 ALPHA 3

How much u want for them?
02 May 2009 comment on TRS DT3 ALPHA 3

God bless u my friend. U got everything right, except that u don't have jug liners. Then they would be perfect. I once had the same set up (franky RB Trs, vinny gen2 able, powell jug liners.) I killed mother fu@kin' shi# with those skates. I think that's when skates were the best. None of that panzie freestyle frame with a large ass split system with a large ass soul. Thank u for making me believe again. Love love love the skates.

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