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Country: DE Germany
State: Nordrhein-Westfalen
City: Duisburg


Member Since: 17 Apr 2011
Last Seen: 25 Apr 2012
123 Uploads Total
36 Comments By AndreasYo

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Razors Hoody 2012 - White
Razors T-Shirt 2012 Grey
Razors G9 LE White
USD Josh Petty Pro Skate
G7 4 GREEN Edition
Razors Horn Pro Skate
TRS-USD mix read description


Majestic 12
xsjado basic
K2 IL CAPO 2011
Razors Pro Skate Don Bambrick
Carbon 2

AndreasYos latest comments

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Open Shell with DC Skins
25 Mar 2012 comment on Open Shell with DC Skins

Should be released like that by remz.
I think they have never done such a color combination
Nimh V-Cut
09 Feb 2012 comment on Nimh V-Cut

How do they skate?
haffey 2.2
30 Nov 2011 comment on haffey 2.2

sik skates,
high quality pictures!
MagmA XsjremZ
30 Oct 2011 comment on MagmA XsjremZ

Remz Cuff on SXsjado?
Did you cut the xsjafo Cuff?
How do they skate?
26 Oct 2011 comment on Argons

Argon High Top ;-)
Notice the up pointing arrow!

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